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Auto changing current Tab page in Kexi

October 26, 2011 1 comment

I’ts just been my second patch submitted for Kexi and since I am new in C++/Qt I thought I should start with small usability patches until I get a good hang of KDE/Qt API, Code styling, etc.

I’ve always been a fan of less mouse clicking. I always thought that any application (or it’s programmer) should be inteligent enough to know when a mouse click is needed or not.

In that spirit I thought, when creating a new Form/Report Object, Kexi should focus the relative Form/Report Design Tab Page, since the next logical step after adding a new object in the database is to add display information to it (aka widgets). The same should also happen when opening an object in design mode. However this works (by intention) only when opening an object from the Project Navigator, NOT from object’s toolbar when it is already open and user switching to design mode. This is done so not to force the design toolbar on an already created object when the user might actually want to change e.g. widget’s alignment (which will be on another Tab Page later on).

The same concept could also be usable in other Calligra apps e.g. focusing the Picture Editing Tool Toolbar in Words when adding a picture.

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